Remedial Teaching Programme


Dang Seva Mandal’s Dadasaheb Bidkar Arts, Commerce and Science College Peth Taluka Peth
Dist Nashik organized Remedial Teaching Program for FY BA students .Thirty (30) students
were selected for the programme .The purpose of the programme was to develop the students

Basic English language skills in order to achieve expected competencies in their academic
For this programme the students who were lagging behind in their academic were selected by
conducting a test to overcome the difficulties. The students who had learning difficulties in
their academic such as poor memory, poor comprehensive power, lack of learning motivation
, low grasping power, lack of self –confidence etc. In this programme the students were
especially motivated and guided according their need .By intensive remedial support the
students were helped to consolidate their basic knowledge especially in the subject of English.
For the Remedial course a special syllabus was designed and implemented in the classroom .To
have mastery over it specific drills were practiced to overcome the difficulties in reading,
vocabulary, sentence formation, grammer and so on. The students were given the confidence
so that they could be free from the fear of English language .They could be able to
communicate in English easily in their day to day communication.
The programme was under supervision of our principal Dr. R B Toche and Mr .Ganesh More
delivered lectures on the topics namely how to read effectively , need of active vocabulary ,
grammar sentence formation , communication, and tenses structure etc.
The programme was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of our principal hon’ble Dr. R BR
TOCHE and the scheduled of the programme was in first week September and in the first week
of October The time was chosen convenient to all the students according to the transportation
facility. the program was under the thorough supervision of our respected principle Dr.R B
Toche .As per his suggestion and remarks the programme was run for the betterment of the
students .At the end oral feedbacks were taken in which the students expressed their
satisfaction .