Year of Establishment : UG - June 1993 and PG (Unaided) - 2004


Class Subject Exam pattern
FYBA Chhatrapati Shivaji and His Time Annual
SYBA Diplomatic History of the Marathas Annual
SYBA History of Modern Maharashtra Annual
SYBA Modern India Annual
TYBA Introduction to History Annual
TYBA History of Asia in 20th Century Annual
TYBA History of the World in 20th Century Annual
MA 1 History and its Theory Annual
MA 1 Evolution of Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India Semester
MA 1 Maratha Polity Semester
MA 1 Cultural History of Maharashtra  Semester
MA 1 History and Its Practice Semester
MA 1 Evolution of Ideas and Institutions in Medieval India Semester
MA 1 Socio-Economic History of Marathas Semester
MA 1 Marathas in 17th and 18th Century power Politics Semester
MA 2 Ancient and Medieval Civilization of the World Semester
MA 2 Debates in Indian History Semester
MA 2 Economics History of Modern India Semester
MA 2 Maharashtra in the 19th Century Semester
MA 2 History of Modern India Semester
MA 2 Intellectual History of the Modern West Semester
MA 2 World after World War II (1945-2000) Semester
MA 2 Maharashtra in 20th Century Semester


Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience View CV
Prof. S. R. Thorwat M.A (Hist.),M.A (Indo.),M. Phil., SET. Asst. Professor History 14 Years Download
Prof. G. S. Shewale M.A. (Hist.), M.A. (Pol.) NET. Assistant Professor History 4 Year Download
Prof. G. G. Chaudhari M.A. (Hist.), Bed. Assistant Professor History 1 Year Download