Year of Establishment : June 1993


Class Subject Exam pattern
F.Y. B. A. Elements of Geomorphology Annual
S.Y. B. A. Elements of climatology and oceanography Annual
T.Y. B. A. Human Geography Annual
F.Y. B. Com. Commercial Geography Annual
F. Y. B. Sc. I- Geomorphology Annual
  II-climatology and oceanography Annual
  III- Techniques in Physical Geography Annual
S. Y. B. Sc. I - Geography of Resource Semester
  II – Watershed Management Semester
  III –Fundamental of Geographical Analysis Semester


Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience View CV
Prof. C.B Saindane M.A. Asst. Professor Geography 22 Years Download
Prof. Nikumbh L. S M.A., B. Ed. Assistant Professor Geography 1 Year 3 m Download
Prof. Shinde S .L M.A., M. Phil., NET Assistant Professor Geography 3 Years Download