Capacity Enhancement

  • Guidance for Competitive Examination:

The Competitive Examination Center of the college significantly contributes in preparation of various competitive examinations. At the beginning of each academic year the competitive centre arranges lectures of the selected alumni  to motivate students. In each academic year the competitive examination centre organizes lecturer series and workshop to guide students in preparation of prelim exam, main exam and interview.

  • Soft Skill Development:

The college offers Soft Skill program to the students to make them able not only in subject oriented skills but also to cultivate a proper attitude. Under the program the personal attributes, personality traits, and communication abilities are enhanced by arranging various lectures on various topics. The lectures are arranged on creative thinking, work ethics; team work, time management, decision making and problem solving. The Soft Skill Development Committee organizes the programs in three batches in each academic year.

  • Remedial Coaching:

Remedial Coaching classes are arranged by the Remedial Teaching Committee of the college for students belonging socially and economically backward classes. It is an attempt of the college to reduce their failure and drop-out rate. These special classes are conducted apart from the regular timetable of the college. Remedial classes are conducted subject wise as per the need of the students. Remedial Coaching program is organized for first year students with a view to improving subject knowledge, academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students in various subjects.

  • Bridge Course:

College developed a teaching module which helps to close the gap between two levels of competence. The Bridge Course Committee inculcates skills and knowledge to enhance quality of higher education. Bridge course is an effort to work to galvanize skills and needs of the students as per the requirements of local and global conditionings. It gives opportunities to the students of all the faculties to peruse additional need based and skill courses. Bridge courses Committee endeavors to introduce career and market-oriented, skill enhancing courses which are useful to get jobs, self-employment and also empower the students to make them capable to survive in competition of global market. At the end of the course, the students are equipped with skills based education along with a conventional degree in Science/Arts/Commerce. The College offers a wide range of foundation and career-oriented certificate courses under capability enhancement scheme.

  • Career Counseling:

Various units of the college work for career counseling of the students. In college placement cell and all the associations work for career counseling. Placement Cell of the college endeavors to achieve objectives such as campus placement of the students, to communicate off campus job opportunities to the students and to make them able to grab the opportunities by organizing various programs. In the each academic year Placement Cell planned program to organize activities for the students of all faculties. In the career counseling activities students are counseled to make them aware about the essential skills to be developed to grab the available job opportunities. The placement cell works as one of the enhancement capability schemes by organizing programs for career counseling. Apart from the campus placement, the placement cell maintains regular communication with the students from the last batch of graduation and post graduation. Opportunities are communicated to the students and tried to convince them to apply for the respective job. Along with the placement cell, language association, social science association, commerce association and science association play vital role in career counseling.

  • Language Lab:

Language lab is developed as one of the capability enhancement schemes. Language oriented programs are designed and arranged for the students. The programs are arranged to enhance language learning abilities of the students. In a batch students from all faculties are given admission. The batch is made of a limited numbers of students so as teacher is able to communicate to each student.

  • Personal Counseling:

Personal counseling is one of the mechanisms developed by the college for students, support and progression. It is an attempt to direct students towards the right direction so as they can peruse their career from the first batch of graduation or post graduation. In admission process the admission committee formed faculty wise units for counseling. These units counsel the students from the beginning of their admission to the certain course. Basically students are counseled in the selection of courses and subjects. Teachers from the respective units guide the students from the selection of the special subject. The teachers from the department counsel the students as per their need and difficulties.