Year of Establishment : June 2012


Class Subject Exam pattern
F.Y. B. Sc. Plant diversity plant morphology & anatomy Annual
Industrial Botany Annual
Practical Annual
S.Y. B. Sc. Fundamental of plant systematic & plant ecology & structural botany Semester
Fundamental of plant physiology & plant biotechnology Semester
Practical Semester
T. Y. B. Sc. Cryptogamic botany Semester
Cell & molecular biology Semester
Genetics & Evolution Semester
Spermatophyta & paleobotany Semester
Horticulture & foloriculture Semester
Computational botany Semester
Plant physiology & Biochemistry Semester
Plant Ecology & Biodiversity Semester
Plant Pathology Semester
Medicinal & Economic botany Semester
Plant Biotechnology Semester
Plant Breeding & Seed Technology Semester
Practical-I based on theory paper-BO-331,332,341,342 Semester
Practical-II based on theory paper- BO-333,334,343,344 Semester
Practical-III based on theory paper- BO-335,336,345,346 Semester


Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience View CV
Shri. S. C. Dhum M.Sc. Assistant Professor Advanced Genetics & Molecular biology 01 Years Download
Shri. A. A. Sonawane M.Sc., B.Ed. Assistant Professor Cytogenetics & Plant breeding 01 Year Download
Mrs. S. K. Garud M.Sc., B.Ed. Assistant Professor Cytogenetics & plant breedi 03 Year Download